🎤How does this HR professional use ChatGPT to create more empathetic emails?

In this episode of Down & Dirty, Akhilesh Nair takes us through his daily workflow as an HR professional and shows us how he uses ChatGPT to write better emails.

Akhilesh Nair, HR Business Partner, Children First Mental Health Institute, uses ChatGPT to create more empathetic emails

This week, our guest on our Down & Dirty podcast is Akhilesh Nair, an HR professional with over 7 years of experience in the industry. Akhilesh is a keen early adopter of new technologies and has been experimenting with chatbots and AI since his days as a student at Delhi University.

Over the last several months, he has discovered that ChatGPT is a powerful tool to help him make his emails not only more detailed, but also more empathetic! This helps him write more effective communications, while also saving some precious time so he can focus on face-to-face interaction and bonding with his co-workers.

In this episode, Akhilesh takes us through his daily workflow and shows us exactly how he prompts ChatGPT as his personal email-writing assistant, and how this has impacted his work life in general.

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