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Hi, my name is Dr. Taapsi Ramchandani. I'm a cultural anthropologist and my team and I talk to people for a living.

I founded Poocho in 2019. We are a qualitative research company that functions more like an extension of the Sherlock Holmes franchise. We specialize in collecting and analyzing human behavior in context. By asking the right questions and poking around the right corners, we collect first-person brand stories that are also tales of identity, collective memory, relationships, dreams, hopes and aspirations.  

Our anthropological lens uncovers a deeper relationship between brands and consumers, and these are powerful insights for companies that want to nurture more meaningful and sustainable relationships with their audience.

JustPoocho is our company's flagship publication where we bring to you personally sourced accounts of how consumer-brand relationships shape and are shaped by identity, family, community, culture and environment.

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Fun fact: Poocho in Hindi means "ask."

I thought it was a great name for what we're trying to do here. That is, collect stories by taking the time to ask questions that matter.

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