🎤How did this Founder pioneer "experiences" as a strategy to market?

In this episode of Down & Dirty, I talk to Nathasha Kumar about her two successful brands - Asort and Vajor - and her "experience"-focused marketing strategy.

🎤How did this Founder pioneer "experiences" as a strategy to market?

Nathasha Kumar is a serial entrepreneur whose journey into the startup world started in her 20s. As the founder of two successful e-commerce brands - Asort and Vajor, and now on to her third venture, Nathasha exudes the confidence and humility of a CXO who’s already been there and done that.

In my very candid conversation on this week’s Down & Dirty episode, she talks about how, across both her brands, she pioneered “experiences” as a strategy to market and nurture her social community.

This was the epiphanous moment for her:

We have an influencer world where people are charging a lakh for a very basic photo shoot and videos. On the other hand we have somebody who only has 10,000 followers on Instagram but the influence is far more deeper than somebody who has a lakh.

So how did Nathasha launch experiences? And how did she do this by tapping into the talent pool of her own customers?

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In conversation with Nathasha Kumar
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