🎤How does Semrush's keyword analytics help this Digital Marketer's brand monetize?

How does semrush's keyword analytics help this Director Digital Marketing at Egen, Ashish Agrawal, monetize his brand?

We’re delighted to feature Ashish Agrawal, the Director of Digital Marketing at Egen, on the latest episode of Down & Dirty.  Ashish boasts a vibrant marketing career of 15+ years, and was recently recognised by the World Marketing Congress as one of the ‘100 Smartest Digital Marketing Leaders’!

A brand loyalist through and through, Ashish has had SemRush in his repertoire for nearly a decade now. According to him, its powerful, multifaceted research and analysis capabilities make it a true “all-rounder”!

Through a show-and-tell, Ashish reveals how he uses the tool to discover and monetize the right keywords so his business can get the most bang for its buck 💪.

You don’t want to miss this episode, as one of the smartest digital marketing leaders out there gives us an up, close, and personal look at how he uses SemRush to research, strategise, and drive optimal results for his clients, every time.