🎤 How does this Founder run her award-winning boutique branding studio?

In this episode of Down & Dirty, Ankita Nandkeolyar tells us what makes her boutique branding studio Firebrand truly special and shares her design and research process.

Podcast With Ankita Nandkeolyar, Founder, Firebrand. How does this Founder run her award-winning boutique branding studio?

Ankita Nandkeolyar is the Founder of and Chief Brand Strategist at Firebrand, a boutique branding studio with the goal of building local brands with a single purpose – getting ready for the global world. Ankita boasts of a decorated career in advertising, marketing strategy, and communications, working with iconic brands like Diesel, Levi’s, Natural Ice Cream, Westin Hotels, and the Tata Group, to name just a few.

Her zest for strategy and her innate entrepreneurial spirit led her to form Firebrand in 2015 which services clients across India, Europe and North America.

In this episode of Down & Dirty, Ankita tells us what makes Firebrand truly special - its hands-on, detail-driven research process, its dynamic team, and its passion for building impactful brands across diverse sectors. She also shares her learnings through the years, taking us through her design and research process, using the example of one of the very first projects undertaken by Firebrand.

Tune in and make notes if you’re keen to learn more about the worlds of design, brand marketing, and product strategy because Ankita has some real gems of wisdom in store for you! https://bit.ly/3NkiEAf


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