🎤How did Figma change the design paradigm with its collaborative features?

Anand takes us through this creative journey as a UI/UX designer and explains what makes Figma his favourite design tool.

Figma changed designing with its collaborative features? podcast with designer Anand Bongir, Founder & CEO, Sukratu Design

The star of the latest instalment of Down & Dirty is Anand Bongir, an accomplished UI/UX designer and the Founder and CEO of Sukratu Design, based in Pune. According to Anand, his ultimate goal is to create a positive impact on the world through his designs.

His go-to tool on the journey towards achieving this goal is Figma, which “changed the paradigm” for him with its smooth visual organisation and intuitive collaborative features.

But it’s not just the UX of the UX tool that got Anand hooked.

Tune in to the episode now and see how this designer-entrepreneur uses Figma to organise his designs, manage team work and also give his creative process a jumpstart.


Ananya M

From the Poocho Desk

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