🎤How does ChatGPT play the role of a senior developer for this engineering trainee?

Amey explains how he uses ChatGPT to maximise efficiency in his daily workflow as a software developer.

How does ChatGPT play the role of a senior developer? Podcast with Amey Jesthnaik, Engineering Trainee, QAD WebJaguar

This week’s episode of Down & Dirty features Amey Jesthnaik, a 22 year old software developer and self-proclaimed tech geek. Amey always has a finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist, closely following trends and staying on top of all the news in the tech world.

Like many other engineers out there, Amey has quickly discovered that ChatGPT allows him to work more efficiently and get more done, everyday. In this episode, he discusses various benefits of the ever-evolving language model like creating concise documentation to share with others, and debugging programs with ease.

He also uses ChatGPT in a crazy creative way to discover industry-relevant upskilling opportunities.

Tune into the episode now to hear about how ChatGPT fits the role of a senior developer in Amey’s professional life!

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