💬Why does this freelancer love working from Blue Tokai?

Varun, a freelance marketer based out of Bandra (Mumbai), shares his work-from-café experiences in the city.

💬Why does this freelancer love working from Blue Tokai?

Written by: Swasti Acharya

Originally from Jaipur, Varun moved to Mumbai in 2018 to improve marketing at a B2B startup. During the pandemic, he switched to a company focused on Ayurvedic products to lead their content team. Currently, he works as a freelance marketer taking up independent projects in his own time.

Some stats about Varun:
- 30 years old
- Personal income is ₹10.1 - ₹20 lakhs per annum
- Lives with a flat mate in Mumbai

“I like cafés where there are less people which, in Bombay, is very difficult to find,” Varun mentions. “My favorite is Blue Tokai in Bandra West. It's in a small lane, and I think very few people come there because on a weekday also it's not really crowded.”

Almost every morning around 11am, Varun steps out of his flat and makes his way to Blue Tokai in Khar.

"I usually tell the maid to not make food for me,” because he usually plans meals in advance. “I don't get my food made if I plan to order because or else the food gets wasted.”

Since he rarely eats at home, picking a cafe to work out of is contingent on its quality of food and menu offerings. Second comes ambience. Then, the kind of treatment you get. “The way they speak to you or the way they treat you goes a long way to just [make] you feel like okay, let's go there.”