💬What does this 10th grader like about apps like Khan Academy?

School education needs to factor in exams, scores and the prescribed curriculum. This student's narrative suggests that edtech solutions must marry structured and unstructured learning to make it fun and knowledgeable.

💬What does this 10th grader like about apps like Khan Academy?

Written by Mahalakshmi S

  • Interview recorded on: May 22, 2022
  • Age of the participant: 15 years
  • Gender: Female
  • School: Private school in Mumbai
  • Class: 10th grade
  • Board: ICSE

Being a 10th grader is in a way the most crucial point in one’s life. After all, the scores here decide the educational journey and the career path. Sometimes, our passion for a subject takes a back seat in pursuit of a ‘good’ career. Dhrithi*, a short haired bespectacled 10th grader with an impish grin studying for the ICSE Board finds herself on the cusp of this path and she hopes to make the right decisions.

She joined Poocho for a chat over Zoom with her father on a Saturday evening. When asked about the subjects she likes, she glanced sideways at her dad, with a sly smile but a decisive shake of her head she said, “To be honest, I dislike whatever I'm studying. And I do not plan to revisit it after I finish 10th. I mean I don’t like it but I have to do it.”