💬Want to know how HealthifyMe failed me?

I thought that a health app (HealthifyMe) could replace a real-life trainer and help me shed my weight from the comfort of my home. But, I was wrong.

💬Want to know how HealthifyMe failed me?
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Written by Shweta (app user)*

Customer profile at a glance -

  • Age: 35
  • Gender: Female
  • City: Mumbai
  • Average household income: 13 lakhs per annum
  • App usage: Extensive

An app that will help me lose my extra kilos and get back in shape! What could be better than this, right? Err, wrong!

I began my journey with HealthifyMe in December 2021. I took a year-long membership knowing that a weight loss journey needs commitment and consistency. In this next line, I wish I could share my success story and tell you how I have achieved my ideal weight, but I will not, because, sadly, I am not much “healthier” than when I started.

What went wrong for me? - The customer experience HealthifyMe offered.

All inputs were needed from my end

Once I purchased the plan, my journey began with me selecting my coaches for training. First the health coach and then the diet coach. Once this was done, a call was scheduled with my coaches, who would soon mentor me.

I was as excited as one could be! The next day, I got a call from my diet coach and I was told that now whatever I eat, I have to log in to the app. Soon, my diet coach chalked out an extensive diet plan for me.

Honestly, none of this sounded too realistic.

As a mother of a toddler, to not only yank out time to feed in inputs but also do a daily workout and make special diet meals for myself was too cumbersome an ask.

So I found myself eating whatever was made at home while monitoring my intake and making easy changes that I could manage.

Therefore, their diet plan was not too helpful for me.

Screenshot of the HealthifyMe app page that requires detailed logging of every meal.

Unavailability of coaches

Now let’s talk about the workouts. After the diet chart was shared, a workout regime got updated where I had to follow a 40-minute routine - all exercises were pre-recorded. I tried this too. I would follow the workout diligently but then, I had doubts.

Some exercises I just could not perform. Some were simply boring and others were too tough.

But there was no way to instantly get on a call and discuss this with the trainer. I had to book a call and pick a time slot only then could I get her on call.
Booking calendar page of a HealthifyMy trainer

Therefore, soon, this regime flopped too.

Coaches constantly selling me upgrades

Once I dropped a few kgs and my interest in the plan, my coaches would regularly call me for motivation. Once or twice, I tried to get back on track with their encouragement. But now with every call, the coaches try to sell me something or another. An upgraded plan, a smart scale, a live session, and whatnot.

This left me really demotivated.

On one such call, I asked my health coach how many days of my membership remained, as I really was done with it all. She told me a few months were left. In the same breath, she asked me to renew my membership. I clearly told her I did not have the time or the money to invest in this to which she replied that if I purchased right away I would get a discount. I politely declined.

Next, she added the benefits of the new plan she was selling, and I declined again. Now she told me they had a new policy whereby I could take the plan and pay later, an easy EMI of sorts.

This broke my heart. As a coach, she should be invested in my well-being. She should care about my feelings and what I want from her. Instead, she is selling me a plan on EMI when I am clearly telling her I am in no position to invest. This crossed the limit.

With this, I had run out of reasons to return. I did not even care anymore about the money I had already invested. I just wanted it to end. For good. And this is how my relationship with HealthifyMe ended, on a rather unhealthy note.

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