🎤From Sacred Games to social media star. How is Kubbra Sait winning at the Instagram game?

'Sacred Games' actress, Kubbra Sait, discusses her acting career, social media journey, and the importance of authenticity and fun in content creation.

🎤From Sacred Games to social media star. How is Kubbra Sait winning at the Instagram game?

In this lively episode of Down and Dirty with Dr. T., Taapsi had the pleasure of chatting with the incredible Kubbra Sait, an Indian actress known for her roles in Sacred Games, Sultan, Gully Boy, and Foundation. She is also a TV show host, an author and a popular figure on Instagram.

Kubbra started her Instagram journey about 10 years ago, long before content creation became the norm. Today, her account boasts a whopping 585k+ followers.

Highlights from the episode:

  • What Kubbra’s life looks like: Kubbra gets candid about her life in Mumbai, her daily routine and how she tries to maintain discipline and sustainable habits, even when she has to adhere to a strict schedule and travel for work. She also shares fun snippets from her work life, providing a playful glimpse into her experiences on set.
  • Kubbra’s relationship with Instagram: Kubbra’s Instagram handle is full of laughter, quirky updates, and candid moments that make her followers smile. However, this wasn’t always the case. It wasn’t until Kubbra decided to shift her focus from chasing analytics to enjoyment that she saw a change in her relationship with Instagram. Through a screen share, she shows how she maintains a balance between staying authentic and keeping up with the algorithm. 
  • The pressures of being on Instagram: Like many content creators, Kubbra has faced the pressure of maintaining visibility and relevance on platforms like Instagram. The constant need to stay active can be exhausting. She shares how she found joy in creating content again by focusing on engagement. Instead of chasing after likes and follows, she now channels her energy towards features that help resonate with her audience. 

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