🎤How has Midjourney made moment marketing a breeze for this Sr. Creative Director?

Shreya Sarkar, Sr. Creative Director at the Minimalist, talks about using Midjourney for moment marketing.

🎤How has Midjourney made moment marketing a breeze for this Sr. Creative Director?

Welcome to another exciting episode of Down & Dirty with Dr. T. and this time, our featured guest, Shreya Sarkar, is giving us the lowdown on a tool that we have never featured before: Midjourney

Shreya boasts an impressive track record of having contributed her expertise to renowned brands such as Nestle, Maruti, Make My Trip, and Coca-Cola. She is presently serving as the Creative Director at The Minimalist where she works a team of writers, designers, and animators to create advertising campaigns. 

Shreya's go-to tool in her creative arsenal? Midjourney.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Adapting tools for creativity: In her role as Creative Director, Shreya and her team experiment with various tools to facilitate their work. She acknowledges that while Midjourney is convenient, it's not entirely dependable, necessitating the use of Photoshop or an AI tool like Let’s Enhance to step in and salvage the situation when needed.
  • Midjourney for moment marketing: Shreya reveals that primarily relies on Midjourney for moment marketing needs, where rapid image creation is crucial. With Midjourney, the team can generate images within 10-15 minutes, a process that would otherwise take days for a designer. This comes in handy for posts that need to be churned out on the spot.
  • Midjourney for marketing campaigns: Moment marketing isn't the sole application of Midjourney for Shreya. Through a screenshare, she demonstrates various functionalities like "describe" and "merge." She also shows an example of a sustainable fashion campaign created on Midjourney that included images of endangered animals wearing dresses.

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