🎤How does this Founder use Superhuman to manage 100s of daily emails?

Vivek Lath, Founder of GoQuest Media Ventures, receives 200+ emails a day. He tells Taapsi how he uses Superhuman email client to manage this high volume.

🎤How does this Founder use Superhuman to manage 100s of daily emails?

This episode of Down & Dirty with Dr. T. features yet another exciting tool we haven’t explored before: Superhuman. And who comes bearing the Superhuman flag? Vivek Lath.

Vivek Lath is the Founder and Managing Director of GoQuest Media Ventures, a company specializing in the distribution of international content. Prior to founding GoQuest, he worked at Cinergy Pictures and Tata Sky, and also founded Intellex Marketing, a media consulting firm.

As a founder, Vivek finds himself fielding countless phone calls, managing an overflowing email inbox, and creating internal documentation. The tool that helps him find some order amidst the chaos in his email inbox? Superhuman.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Vivek’s life as a founder: Vivek takes us through what his life looks like as a Founder and trials and tribulations that come with it. He talks about the challenge of maintaining efficient company operations while adapting to the fast-paced and ever-changing media industry.
  • Email management with Superhuman: Through a screenshare, Vivek shows Taapsi how he uses the Superhuman email client to manage a high volume of daily emails. It allows him to organize and categorize emails, and help him focus on priority messages. The tool’s integration with G-Suite and quick calendar access are game-changers for his workflow.
  • Superhuman vs. Gmail: Vivek highlights how Superhuman is much faster to operate than Gmail due to its keyboard shortcuts and ability to take actions quickly. He also shows how Superhuman provides better inbox management capabilities compared to Gmail through its split inboxes feature.

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