🎤How does ChatGPT make an academic’s life easier?

How does ChatGPT make an academic’s life easier? down & dirty podcast with dr trapty agarwal

This episode of Down & Dirty with Dr. T. features Dr. Trapty Agarwal, Dean of Academics at Maharishi University of Information Technology, Noida.

When faced with the decision to choose between staying in India with her two-year-old son or continue working in the U.S. as a software engineer, Trapty chose her son. However, that didn’t deter her from pivoting her career and climbing the ladder of success in the field of Academia. 

The role of a Dean comes with numerous responsibilities, and the tool that enables Trapty to tackle challenges head-on is ChatGPT.

Highlights from the episode:

  • Trapty’s role as a dean: Trapty talks about her life as the dean of academics. She spends 40% of her time teaching and 60% on administrative work. She elaborates on how she manages administrative tasks, devises strategies, oversees risk management, and handles unexpected situations.
  • ChatGPT as a replacement for teachers?: Trapty disagrees with the idea that ChatGPT will replace teachers. She talks about ways in which teachers can facilitate the tool in their life to ease work and spark creativity rather than replace human intelligence.
  • Applications of ChatGPT at the university: Through a screenshare, Trapty walks us through how she uses ChatGPT in several areas of her day-to-day work as an academic, including generating question papers for students. Furthermore, she takes proactive steps to train fellow staff members on the effective utilization of ChatGPT tailored to their needs, essentially pioneering adoption at her university.

Tune in to the episode now!

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0:39 Taapsi: 

Hello and welcome everyone to another episode of Down & Dirty. And today we have with us Dr. Trapty Agarwal. She is the Dean of Academics at Maharishi University of Information Technology and a Software Engineer by training. I'm thrilled to have you on board doc. And I'm looking forward to us having a conversation about your life as Dean of Academics, your life as you know, someone who is using ChatGPT on a regular basis. And you know, just getting to know you a little better, Welcome to the show.

1:12 Trapty: 

Yeah. Thank you so much, Taapsi. Thanks a lot and yes, so this is the first time I'm here in such a show. So I'm quite excited and nervous too.

1:22 Taapsi:

Please don't be nervous. It's gonna be, it's just a conversation. So to get this conversation started, why we start with, you know, you are telling me a little bit about, you know how Dean happened, you know, like from software engineering to academics. Like what happened along the way?

1:42 Trapty: 

It's a transformation. It's a 360 degrees paradigm shift.

1:48 Taapsi: 

What happened?

1:50 Trapty: 

No, actually it's because of some financial issues and things, I need to take care of my kids because since I was having one kid, I was continuing with my software job, I work with Info, I worked with IBM and moreover from IBM, I was most of the time at the Onsite. So it's basically, you miss most of the time. So, but at that point of time, my elder one who was quite young, he was like hardly 1.5 years old. So once I was there in the US, leaving him behind. But yes, that was a turning point after that, I told my manager, dude, I will not be able to leave my son over here and I will not be able to go to USA once again. So either give me a project over here or I'll quit.

2:43 Taapsi: 

Got it.

2:44 Trapty: 

He tried a lot for 3 to 6 months, but whatever he had that time, because I was talking about the era of 2008 and 2009. If you remember that was a recession time. So there were very few people who were getting their Visa. I was one of the lucky persons that I knew who has got the visa stamp. So he said ‘no Trapty, nothing doing, You have to go because you have got a visa stamp and we have got so many projects’. So that time I had like I was in utter confusion career or my son.

3:17 Taapsi:

Yeah, that's tough.

3: 19 Trapty:

I chose my son. Yeah.

3:21 Taapsi :

Ok, So I mean, your son was in India while you were in the US for your first stint.

3:28 Trapty: 

Yes. Yes. He was 1.5 years old when he was in India and I was in US. So when I came back, I had missed his second birthday.

3:37 Taapsi: 

Of course wow

3:37 Trapty: 

When I came back. So I was like nothing doing. I will not be able to leave him again. So if you are ok to for me to work from offshore or that means from India, I'm ok with it. Otherwise I would prefer to quit. I can't give my son again. So yeah, that was the time. But since my personality was never to just be a housewife or a homemaker. Though I know, It's a very, very big task and a job to take care of things but I always had an instinct to work outside to do, to explore world, to move on. But simultaneously I have to take care of my kids. I have to take care of my family also. Tuitions and all I used to do. I will not be spending much time. Just one hour or two hours would be ok with me. So, I was traveling with my kids, with my husband, so traveled a lot. So once I was back, my kids were like older. So I decided that yes, academia could be a place where it would be easy for me to manage both house as well as career. So that was the point when I decided to join Maharishi University, I've been promoted to dean of academic. so, you know.

5:00 Taapsi: 

OK. Question that I had for you. Doctor, what is the life of a dean look like? Because I don't know, a lot of deans. So what is it, you know, from the time you kind of clock in and put on your deed hat till the time you take it off at night. What is your day filled with?

5:20 Trapty: 

Well, it is very gloom and glamorous when you look from outside. Yes, you are Dean Academic and you hold a position. But internally if you talk to me, you have got hell lot of responsibilities. You cannot work on any time limit means 9 to 5 or 9 to 6, job is not meant for me anymore. It is more like I can get a call in the evening, something just strikes up when I am sleeping if something strikes up. Ok Yes… this is something which is left and this is what I need to do. I used to wake up and just jot it down. yes, this is the to do list. And I have to keep maintaining my, to do list, to do so many tasks because despite working to Academia, I'm also looking into the administrative tasks that are involved. It's not only just the studies or the lecture plans and just teaching and it's not the only thing about only one single department, but it's about the whole university. All the courses that are running and all the human resources that are involved. You need to be every day with a new person with a new mindset. So, yes, it's quite challenging.

6:30 Taapsi: 

What does it actually look like? how many hours or what percentage of a day are you spending teaching versus doing administrative work versus something else?

6:42 Trapty: 

So it's more like if I talk in percentage, 40% of the time I'm spending in teaching. So 60% of the time is mostly the administrative work.

6:52 Taapsi:

Got it.

6:53 Trapty:

I don't want teaching at all. I want to continue with my core.

6:58 Taapsi:

yeah, ok… And you know, you have experience in project management, but also some experience and understanding of marketing. You've also designed ID training programs, you've won an award, you know, the Chancellor's Gold Award I think it’s what I read. So would you say your administrative work is broken up into the day to day but also some amount of strategizing and creative thinking? Like what what are you doing in the admin side of your work?

7:28 Trapty:

It’s mainly about the strategy and the planning. See in the project management, we say the amount of time we spend in planning on strategizing a particular task, we sort out almost like 50% of our things. So it gets completed. Rest is just like execution of what we have planned. So most of my time goes in planning and strategizing things in academia. That is where I spend my work because I like just reworking, unnecessarily. So I worked in corporate and there we have to deal with clients and I have already worked at the client location. So I was used to that particular scenario that you have to consider and you have to keep in mind few things new strategical points where about the risk management. Because in academia, they are very those who are like pure academician, they're not aware about risk management, they know what it is, they know..this could come but how to manage it, how to make a plan and how to strategize that thing. Somewhere means if I would say roughly 20 to 25% of academician do have that. But it has yet to come. It is a straight process for academia. You have to teach. This is the course curriculum that has been updated. This is what you have to teach. This topic is gonna go for like this number of hours plan. So, but in administration, everything means almost 60% of the things come as a surprise. this is what is not working. This is the problem. Now, the faculty has left how to recruit that. So you have to have a backup plan. All these things are there. So strategy and planning, this is something which I feel that people should spend most of their time, means either a day before, before sleeping, just how to plan your day. This is what we call the plan your day or something, which you will have to do early in the morning, that plan your day. So things become easier, so you don't spend much time.

9:43 Taapsi:

Got it, got it. So now that I know that you are, you know, you're someone who likes to do lists. We already talked about that or you alluded to that, that you wake up in the middle of the night and say, let me add this to my list. And you give too much weight to strategy and planning. Can you give me a sense of are you using, are you using things to support your endeavor to strategize and plan better by using things? I mean, applications, software, solutions, products. what are you relying on to keep you on track and inspired?

10:19 Trapty:

Ok. For the night is that I have told you. So it's generally my mobile applications, you have To Do list in the mobile application because that time you can't open your laptop and work to manage my office work. I generally use Microsoft Outlook because that is, what is like almost open 90 to 95% of the time is there it's on. So I use that as a tool to work out or to make my own list and to do task and arrange or manage my meeting and manage my scheduling. And these days I'm using my ChatGPT to standardize my things.

11:00 Taapsi:

Mm…Got it. So ChatGPT to standardize outlook to manage and plan and your basic notes app that comes with your phone

11:15 Trapty: 

That application is for the last minute.

11:19 Taapsi:

Yeah, it's a 2 a.m. Wake up.

11:23 Trapty:

Yeah (laughing)

11:24 Taapsi:

I get it. And anything else that comes to mind? Like if I had to like look at your browser, like do you have some tabs that you have open on a regular basis in addition to just your outlook application.

11:38 Trapty: 

Yes, you will find Google Scholars in Academia. We generally go for like Google and Google scholars that is one of the tabs and I generally go for my Gmail Account. So that email ID is also generally open and we use one app for Plagiarism check, also one of the sheet is open because we have got to go for many projects and assignments and things. So that is what I generally keep open. And yes, many times Spotify or Youtube to just listen to the melodious songs in the background.

12:24 Taapsi:

To get into the zone sometimes or to zone out.

12:29 Trapty:

So these are a few browsers which I generally keep them open.

12:35 Taapsi: 

OK. Great, So let's let's jump into this. Now that we know we have some sense of what Doctor Trapty's life is like, you know, she's planning, she's strategizing, she's inspired at like wee hours of the morning. She's teaching. There's also plagiarism to manage. There was a student classes to manage and there's also like recruitment and faculty leaving, hiring. So where does something like ChatGPT figure into all of this? You said you use it to template or to standardize some things? Can we talk a little bit more about? maybe a good place to start would be. When did you first hear about it? Like when was the first time you kind of interacted with it?

13:12 Trapty: 

Almost like six months back. It was like, OK, there's something new which is coming up is like ChatGPT. OK…good. So I had like a mix reviews about it. Someone would be like, it is useful but students are just manipulating it and it will be harmful for the students. It is harmful for the teachers. Then something I heard is this ChatGPT replacing teachers. So that was again a question, So I was like, OK…now it is quite interesting that yes, what is there in the market that is replacing it?. So after that, since my husband is also in the it, he was doing something like generative AI OK, he told me there is something like Generative AI almost like four months back that made me like more curious. OK… Now let me check.

14:14 Taapsi: 

OK, why did, why did that conversation? Why was that the trigger your husband telling you? Hey, there's something called generative AI made you sit up and take notice

14:23 Trapty: 

Because he is the one who keeps me updated all the time. ‘Trapty binge is there trapty chatGPT is there This GenerativeAI is there this that…’ I said, OK, now relax first, let me figure out and pick out the tool that is making the most of the hustle and the buzz in the market that it is gonna replace Teachers.

14:43 Taapsi:

Got it.

14:44 Trapty: 

I selected ChatGPT let me go through it. So I created my account on ChatGPT open source. So I tried for like a free tool. But then I realized if we use ChatGPT as an addition to what we are doing, it will accelerate our things rather than being completely dependent on that. If we are completely dependent on GPT. OK. This is what I have I want and this is what I am feeling and this is what I'm getting a result. It is harmful, but for sure it is not replacing any teacher, any student, nothing like that. It is just an add on, it just accelerates your things.

15:26: Taapsi:

Understood. And what is the first thing that you tried out? Like, do you remember what you did in charge GPT? Like what questions did you ask it?

15:34 Trapty: 

How are you?

15:37 Taapsi: 

(Laughing) You actually had a conversation? You're like, how are you?


I also heard, I would say something I wrote because I had just heard of some review that GPT holds a block some words. If you just type some words, it will say you we are not authorized to answer it. So I just, I tried typing those nonsense words. So I typed ‘it said sorry, I'm not authorized to answer this’.

16:06 Taapsi: 

what is nonsense words?

16:09 Trapty: 

I just mentioned blood.

16:11 Taapsi:

Oh OK. I actually didn't know that is not authorized one.

16:14 Trapty:

It does not answer that if you just say that you want a story that people are fighting and there is a bloodshed and this is going on and this, it is not related. GPT is not gonna answer you that ‘it will say this is not into their review and they cannot answer it’. So, from there, I was like, OK… now let me ask you more questions. Then it sometimes it came to you need to write a note on particular things. I said, OK… let me just try to figure out how to ask for a note. So I asked for the note, the note came up with a good English, with a good grammar and the very good content. I was impressed, I realized cannot just copy paste. What is there? I have to modify as per my requirement. There were like many templates to write applications. What are the things that maybe we are missing because we are into this field. Now, maybe we are missing many things that needs to be specified. So at that point of time, also that made me feel OK… these are the things that I should keep in mind by writing an application. So again, I need to use my own brains to format it I just simply got copy pasted. So there are like many things, I started making notes of things, something I need to put it on the website. So I was getting like good content from there. So I have to modify that particular content. I can make scripts. I have made many scripts from ChatGPT which was like helpful then I could just modify because ChatGPT gives like very general platform. You just have to modify it as per your need and your requirement. So that ‘when I say that it accelerates there’, it is where it is accelerated. The time I would have spent thinking like because I am like quite busy in so many things. But still I have to write a note. I have to write an article, I have to just write a script. So their ChatGPT help me, either I would have asked my PA to do it if she would have done it. So I would have gone for a check so that my PA work was done by GPT. They wrote the script and I go, I have gone for a check. OK. This is what is there, this is what I need. This is what I need. So it was help setting up that then I realized that it also gives you the question papers if you will be just like very, very specific that yes, this is the question paper you want, whether you want like 10 marks or five marks or fill in the blanks or true and false or descriptive. It's like two marks of question descriptive or five marks of descriptive question. It gives you that particular pattern.

19:09 Taapsi: 

If you are interested with the prompt.

19:12 Trapty:

Yes, with the prompt, you need to be very specific on what you are asking. If you see. It is just like if you are asking garbage, it will return garbage. If you are asking the quality thing, it will return all the quality thing. But then you have to apply your brains to get those quality things sorted.

19:34 Taapsi:

Understood. So, so tell me before we get into some examples of how you've used it, you've already listed out a few things, articles, scripts, question papers, and notes. Did you rely on some kind of learning modules to get up to speed with what RG BT can use can do for you? As in, did you sign up for any courses? Were you looking at youtube videos? Where were you, where were you going to learn more about how to use it or was it all self driven till the date?

20:08 Trapty:

It was like self prepared. I was the biggest, I'm very fond of experimenting new tools. So if not this, then what? Initially, I've just written a one proper question. OK. I want notes on suppose university or NEP. Suppose I have just given a question. It will give me hell a lot of things, a lot of pages I said, no, this is not what I need or this is not what I require. Let me modify and let me see. So that was my hands on experience. That was most, I have not taken any training. I haven't taken the paid version of GP T I know the paid version would have more features to it, but I'm using the open source and the free source right now and it's working for you.

20:57 Taapsi:

The important thing is the free version is doing what it's what you wanted to do for you.

21:02 Trapty:

So I listen to something I figured out that yes. Now this is creating a problem for me. I need to explore more. So maybe I'll just explore more on that.

21:12 Taapsi:

Got it. Understood. OK. So let's now go deep into ChatGPT and the way you use it. So I've given you permission right now. So if you wanna go ahead and do a share screen

21:24 Trapty:

I'll do a share screen, but for sure, right now you won't see all the browsers that have been open. So I just open one browser.

21:33 Taapsi:

Yes. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. You can even create, some people have created new instances of, of GPT in order to show me a clean board, that's fine as well. Whatever you want.

21:43 Trapty:

OK. So yes, is my screen visible?

21:46 Taapsi:

Yes, it is.

21:47 Trapty:

So suppose if I say that I need to prepare a question paper of one hour in c language that I need to provide to students. So I'll just type C language for an hour including five Fill in the blanks and five true and rest descriptive for 20 marks. It's just a simple thing. This is just the one statement that I have shared. So this is what I'll get. It will give me precisely five fill in the blanks, five true and false. And the rest descriptive. And it has even mentioned that it would be carrying two marks and the total question paper would be so for one mark and the total mark is like 20. So this is like one of the way but I cannot give this question paper to all my students. I need to check whether this is a relevant question that has been taught in the class or not that I need to check. So for that relevancy, if for the same question, if I add on to it include I'll say assignment operator data structure. I'm specifying the topic.

23:36 Taapsi:

Got it

23:36 Trapty: 

if I just say this. So I'll get a different question paper including and being specific for that particular topic. So this is how it got it. So it has got an option of regenerate. Also suppose I don't like these cushions. Maybe I want another set of cushions. So I can just say regenerate. If I just say regenerate, it will give me one more set or I see the same prompt.

24:10 Taapsi:


24:13 Trapty:

So this is how I get.

24:15 Taapsi:

So let's pause here once it does this regeneration and I want you to just quickly skim over this. Actually don't do the regeneration because I don't know if it includes those. The including phrases that you had in the second prompt, right?

24:30 Trapty:

what what you can do is one more thing I would say if, if in case you think that yeah, this is what I'm getting and I need to provide, you can say with answers. So it has caught this option as well. So it is another thing now it will give you the answers as well. This is the Fill in the blanks answer. These are the ones which is like highlighted on the board. They are the answers it has given you the answer in the code and everything.

25:03 Taapsi:

So you know what I wanna do one thing doc right now. So once we have this questionnaire, I want you to take a minute glance over it. And can you tell me what would be in real life if you had given it this prompt with these inclusion phrases? What are your thoughts about what it has produced? And what would you change after this?

25:25 Trapty:

See if I would have received it has taken the common things common in the means basics, basics of what we teach. So everything that has included, suppose if I just go for the first question assignment operator and C is denoted by this is a basic question. So whatever it has taken about, picked up are at the basic level or beginner level?

25:50 Taapsi:


25:51 Trapty:

So over here also it also gives me a provision that what level should I create the question paper if I say with medium difficulty level, with answers, so I can even define my level of ease to the students, whether I would just want it at the bigs level or at the middle level or at the advanced level.

26:29 Taapsi:

Understood. Understood.

26:31 Trapty:

Oh OK. So over here, over here, I suppose I haven't taught Malloc right now. Yeah, Malloc is one of the question. Malloc is something that I haven't taught at this point of time. But after one unit, I want to give a paper that all these things has to be specified. So I just remove this Malloc and I can prepare a question paper or maybe I can say that excluding Malloc.

26:58 Taapsi:


26:59 Trapty:

So if I say excluding Malloc and generate it again, so it will exclude all Malloc and it will generate again.So this has to be the call by the teacher or the faculty. This day, I cannot take this call. I'll just give you the example that happened with me. Like can I just stop sharing the screen?

27:20 Taapsi:

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

27:23 Trapty:

So what happened? There was one of my students that she had some issues. I said, OK, write an application. She sent me the application and the way the application was written, the first thing in the first statement was please use ChatGPT carefully. Oh, she had just copy, pasted the entire application with the query. She has mentioned to me where they were like blocks or they were like square brackets where they need to change things, the square bracket for as it is, she has just changed the name and the application was as it is. So the first thing is sweetheart. This works in us. This ChatGPT has the US origination, the language that is used the dialect that is used in us. Those dialects are not used in India. So you need to be very, very careful while you are using GPT you just simply can't give in some.

28:24 Taapsi:


28:26 Trapty:

This is risky. Yeah, this is here, students are not using their brain, they're just putting a query, they're just getting a result. They're just not even going through what is there?

28:39 Taapsi:

So you are open to students. I mean, just like you are using ChatGPT to design questionnaires and modified according to you know, your specific context. You are open to students using chatGPT to do their work and modifying it in the context of what you know, has been asked

28:59 Trapty:

If they can use it generously or if they can use and apply their brain. See what happens is that when there was mobile in the market, we used to say mobile is for our benefit, but we got addicted to mobiles. The addiction with anything is harmful.

29:18 Taapsi:

Right. Right.

29:19 Trapty:

So I'm not too convinced in giving charge to students because I do not want them to get addicted. Ok, because right now they are like so many things what they're doing and then what they're asking is just like one thing or two thing and they're getting an output to it. But ChatGPT is like an option. You just have to dive more, and take out what you basically need because these things can be used when you have to go for the research purpose. There. It would be very helpful. Internet when you have to do research. Internet is very helpful. Right. So at that time, if we can use these tools properly, they're helpful. But if we can't use these tools properly and we just get an addiction to it, it's harmful.

30:16 Taapsi: 

That makes sense.

30:17 Trapty:

Right now. I am in a confusion on the mixed mindset whether to go for it or not to go for it. So if I can see that. Yes, this student is something who can utilize it to the maximum. Suppose I'm doing a research and I need to dig down to some particular topic and I have to go more into detail. I would suggest that student to go for ChatGPT. But if I know that there is one person who would rely on ChatGPT only I would not recommend.

30:47 Taapsi:

Yeah. Yeah, I mean, it's an, it's an evolving field. There's no clear answer, right? And I imagine as academia these tensions are, these points of friction are pretty evident in academia, especially because of things like plagiarism or thinking for yourself, critical analysis, critical thinking, you know, all these things that we are supposed to rely on ourselves and on our minds to do now we have technology to help us do that. So yes, it is, it is complicated. So OK, one of the things that you showed us all in a questionnaire with the right prompts and the right provisions, it can really get you close to at least a benchmark of, you know, the kind of questions you wanna ask. Is there any other other than questions? What is some, what is something that you most recently used ChatGPT for like what did you most today or yesterday or a few days ago? What did you use it for?

31:41 Trapty:

Plagiarism Check?

31:47 Taapsi:

How do you do a plagiarism check in ChatGPT

31:51 Trapty:

Right now I haven't done much but suppose if I just take an article, I'll just have to check where the article is. So if I just check an article and over here, if I just type an article and I'll say do a Plaqcheck, it gives me the whole content.

32:15 Taapsi: 

OK… copy paste an article ,the content

32:20 Trapty:

I copy, paste the content. And then I just said do Plag check. So it gives a report. But the problem I'm facing right now with the open source of ChatGPT is that, it is not updated.

32:36 Taapsi:


32:37 Trapty:

The version is 2021 right now. We are in 2023. So the free version is not updated. So that's why it is not like mostly commonly, I don't use it. I have my own our university has own platform for play check. But yeah, this is something. If it gets updated with the free version also, then we can even do it. There are a few more things I haven't used but I have heard about it though. I'm planning to use it in near future. It gives you the Excel data. If I have got a chart with me, if I just upload the picture of that particular chart, it will give me the data in the table format in an Excel sheet. So I know about this, but I haven't tried this in my regular day to day life. So these days what I'm doing is just preparing notes from it, writing articles, what I have to put it on the website. If I have to write my script, I used to do that. If I have to write means something like that… a video script that my students have to depict and this is what needs to be prepared. So it gives a full fledged means… with everything it will give you, OK, it rings the bell, the student smile, the girl smiles, it gives you everything. Let me see if I can show you that also. OK, one second.

34:02 Taapsi:

And what is the video script for?

34:05 Trapty:

suppose if I say this let's develop a video script, I say create a video script, for University introduction.

34:23 Taapsi:


34:24 Trapty:


34:26 Taapsi:

Ah..This is for marketing the university.

34:29 Trapty:


34:30 Taapsi:


34:36 Trapty:

So it will give you everything where you have to go for a voice over. What should be the scene, what should be the platform? And when I have to see over here, if you can see the title would be embarking on your academic journey. Welcome to whatever the university because this is a general format. So you can see this is how it gives you the opening shot, the voice of the camera, the students engaging in various activities, then there is a narrator then when the shot needs to be cut down. So it gives you pointers. Now, it's completely up to you, whether to use the same or whether to use your own creativity and create a new script.

35:21 Taapsi:

And you've done that, you mentioned scripts a few times. So how is this part of your work Can you tell me doc like, where is how are you involved in the marketing aspect of the company?

35:32 Trapty:

Because marketing and academia goes hand in hand.

But you, you're leading the no as you are, you are giving the input, like as dean, you are actually saying, hey, we should have a video like this.

35:45 Trapty:

Yes, we should have the video like this or this should be the content that we should give it to students and this could be used for branding purpose. So it's like both the departments go hand in hand unless and until we provide things that we are doing, how will marketing people or the sales people will attract students for

36:04 Taapsi:

fair enough, So how, what were you doing before this? Can you walk me through? You know, we can stop our share screen right now. So before you hr GPT help you with generating scripts and ideas and you know, of course, I understand questionnaires and notes, you're just doing it yourself by hand. But can you give me a sense of, were you using other types of resources? Is what I'm getting at outside of your own labor? Were there other things you were relying on to help you with, let's say marketing initiatives. And did ChatGPT replace those or, or or did It add to an existing toolkit?

36:40 Trapty:

It has added to those things initially to the work for Google Chrome, the Google Pro was one of the platforms or one of the browsers I generally browse through. So what the content and and it is still there, Google scholar is one of the things or one of the areas which is still there. So right now as I have said, it is not an updated version.

37:03 Taapsi :

That's right.

37:03 Trapty:

I can't completely rely on GPT because what I'm getting, that data has been fed to that till 2021. It containing the data beyond that. So if I need the latest data, I had to rely on things that has been like continuously getting updated, like Google ads?

37:23 Taapsi:

for video ideas, ideas or videos and marketing content. were you using any other software before this?

37:30 Trapty:

We have got a marketing means we have got a video team generally they are doing it. So they used to write the script and I used to just go through it whether the content that is there, it's OK or not, or whether the language is correct or not or whether there is something that needs to be added from academia point of view. I used to do that. So basically, now this is more add-on got it human knowledge unless and until you try and you learn and you keep exploring it is like a limited knowledge. So all these tools help us to just expand our knowledge.

38:08 Taapsi:

Would you, would you say that, I mean, it's interesting to think about this initially. If your team was generating a script, let's say, and you reviewed it to make sure it's in sync with what's in your mind. But now you can generate the script, which means the burden of introducing the idea is on you because you're the one who's doing it, you're prompting it, re-prompting it so that it fits what you want and then you're giving it over, let's say to the video team to execute the production team to go execute it. So what do you say in a weird way, it's actually added more work because it's allowed you to do that work faster. So it just added one more responsibility, let's say to your place?

38:49 Trapty:

I'm quite smart in that sense. I have taught my team how to use it.

38:55 Taapsi:

(Laughing) OK. So now you're training people on how to use GPT. OK? In a way that makes in a way that you would do it. So you're kind of helping them do it the way you would use it.

39:05 Trapty:

Yes. So I told them that. Yes, if you will do it, this is enhance your capability, then you can add on your own creativity to things that is available. So explore, see growth is individual growth. If you're growing, you need to get your team also.

39:23 Taapsi:

Yes. Yes, absolutely. So, but you're the one who's doing the teaching or are they doing their own online courses for ChatGPT? Are you taking teaching? Are you sitting down and teaching them?

39:33 Trapty:

No…That is not the teaching like that? I just taken one particular session where I told everything the knowledge I had about ChatGPT and it was like now students are now the faculty members also got to know that. Yes, these are the features that we can use GPT. And so I have done that also

you're pioneering, the adoption of ChatGPT at your, at your university. It seems it sounds like that.

40:00 Trapty:

Yes, sort of you can say it.

40:02 Taapsi:

OK. All right…This was fantastic doctor. Like this was, you know, amazing. And I've learned so much that questionnaire that you could generate by just three lines of prompt or, I mean, I think there were just two or three lines in that prompt. It's unbelievable. That, that's possible. And of course, you know, as you rightly brought up, this is a contentious issue when it comes to how much students should have ChatGPT based solutions, in their output. So yeah, are there any last words before we wrap up anything that you want to add around this tool or this opportunity for, you know, academics, administrators? Anyone like you?

40:42 Trapty:

This is like for everyone, I would just like to say that these are tools that has been created for our benefit and to ease our work or I would say to, for us to be more creative, the things that could be done by machine, let machine do it or that particular tool do it and we need to add on to it. We shouldn't be dependent on the machine only or the tool only, that could be harmful.

41:10 Taapsi:


41:11 Trapty:

And whenever you are using a tool or any equipment or any electronic or technological things that time, you need to be very careful that yes, these are just for your, to make your work easy and to have your creativity as an add on, it's not the.. addiction should not be there.

41:34 Taapsi:

Correct. Correct. And in your words, your GPT is like your own PA and that's how you should think about it.

41:43 Trapty:

Yes, my content writer… I just go and check once I need to check once I cannot completely rely on.

41:50 Taapsi:

Makes sense. Thank you so much for your time and I hope you have a wonderful you know, Friday evening and relaxing weekend ahead and much. Appreciate it.

42:01 Trapty:

Yeah. Thank you So much.

42:02 Taapsi:

Thanks. Bye bye.

42:03 Trapty: