How may students combat stress?

With competitive educational standards becoming razor sharp, this world is taking a toll on young students' minds. But now, as technology advances, students have the option to relieve their stress with the help of these mind calming apps.

How may students combat stress?
Photo by Matthew Henry / Unsplash

Written by Priyanka Talreja Garegrat

There is no denying that the pressure on students is increasing. In our recent research, Poocho found that 18-year-old Karan was comfortable with taking a "Gap year" from education just to calm himself down and adopt a better mental state. Similarly, in another interview 20-year-old Tanisha, a Psychology student told us, “I am doing this (getting a Bachelor’s degree) to pacify my parents mostly, and as soon as my exams are done, I am off to the hills…"

So where may students turn to seek out support on their journey of learning and self-discovery? Here are a few stress busting apps we recently came across:


Rated with 4.6 stars and having over 10L+ downloads, this app seems to have a lasting impact on its user base. Helping users who are feeling anxious, lonely, overwhelmed or just burnt out, this app claims to pick up from where you're at in your mood spectrum. Offering to be your “feel better" toolkit, this app brings services that include therapy, coaching, coping techniques, meditations, and goal and mood tracking. This app also offers a customizable journey on the basis of your inputs; as it identifies cognitive patterns and offers tools that help you stay on the path to feeling better.

This app is free to download and has a premium version as well which allows you to use all tools unlimited.

Snapshots of the Sanvello app


This app is your Guru if you want to sleep, meditate or relax. With 4.4 stars rating and over 1 Cr downloads, this app claims to be No.1 at what it offers. Get on board the journey to manage stress, balance moods, sleep better and refocus your attention. Achieve all this with the help of sleep stories, soundscapes, breathwork and stretching exercises. The other tools that this app offers are emotion and mental health trackers, 7 and 21-day mindfulness programs, nature sounds and scenes and breathing exercises that help you find peace and get back concentration with the help of a mental health coach.

This app is free to download with a 7-day trial for the premium subscription. After the trial, the user can switch to the premium version.

Snapshots of the Calm app


Unlike other apps, this mental wellness app offers science based activities and games that can reduce stress and overcome negative thoughts. With a 3.6 star rating and over 5L+ downloads, Happify is on its way to spreading happiness to the masses. This app states that “happiness is not just one thing in life, it is everything.” They claim that their techniques are developed by leading scientists who have been studying interventions in the field of positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy for decades.

Happify is free to download but comes with a premium version.

Snapshots of the Happify app