🎤How do plugins on ChatGPT 4.0 allow this Digital Marketer to feel limitless?

How do plugins on ChatGPT 4.0 allow this Digital Marketer to feel limitless? Podcast with Sai Karthik

In the latest episode of Down & Dirty, Taapsi is talking to Sai Karthik, Marketing Support Engineer at Salesforce

Sai is a seasoned Digital Marketing Analyst and a Marketing Cloud Engineer with over five years of experience in the industry. His expertise spans across SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Data Visualization.

Sai’s go-to tool for everyday workflow is ChatGPT

Highlights from the episode include:

Plugins on ChatGPT+: Sai is a dedicated subscriber to ChatGPT's premium plan which opens up the world of plugins for him. With ChatGPT 4.0’s impressive library boasting hundreds of plugins, Sai believes the potential is limitless, expressing, "You can do wonders." Through a screenshare, he gives us the lowdown on a selection of plugins that seamlessly integrate into his daily workflow. 

No prompts required?: Sai introduces us to the AIPRM plugin, a powerful tool that comes armed with 4000 prompts. He showcases how he uses the plugin within ChatGPT to generate a copy for Google Ads, without the need for writing a prompt himself. 

AI beyond ChatGPT: Sai is a true AI aficionado and automation enthusiast. He reveals some of the tools he has in his technological toolkit, including D-ID AI, Nymblr and OctopusCRM, that he employs to bolster his personal brand. These tools serve as time-saving assets, allowing Sai to execute tasks quickly and efficiently.

Tune in to the full episode to watch how Sai is streamlining his creative process and maximizing the capabilities of ChatGPT+. 

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Taapsi 0:02

Hello and welcome everyone to another episode of Down and Dirty. And today I have with me Sai Kartik, Digital Marketer. His official title is Sales Force Marketing Marketing Support engineer. Correct? Did I get that right? And you've been with sales force for a year and seven months now and have been in the space field of digital marketing for about four years. So, content marketing, crm, email marketing, all that fun stuff

around content where something ChatGPT can become pretty relevant in helping surface things. And that is what we're going to talk about today. Before we get into that though, if you could take a moment, Sai and tell us about how you got into the field of digital marketing. Where did this journey start?

Sai 0:53

Yeah. First of all, thank you very much, you know, for inviting me to your podcast. And yeah, so since around 4 to 5 years, I'm in the field of digital marketing. So digital marketing is totally a creative field. So I'm very much interested in you know, blogging, the development

and you know, Google ad, you know, whenever, whenever I get them before, when I was in as a student, when I see an ad in youtube or Google, like I used to think like, how, how I'm getting this ad, like how relevant, like whenever I think of something, whenever I talk, I talk about something relevant ad will be happening in Youtube or Google. So I used to think like, what, how it is happening. So like that that caught my interest and slowly I started learning about digital word and digital marketing and everything. So earlier, I was with the I'm a banking sector. I used to work with the banking sector. And again, you know, I, I learned about digital marketing. I work with medical hospitals and a senior health, mostly my work experiences with the and then I got an opportunity to work with sales force. Now I'm working with sales force as a marketing cloud engineer. So marketing cloud is in it's a tool, sales force tool where it has a multiple features, like it's an all in 360 degrees marketing tool. Like you can you can send emails, push notifications, SMS advertising campaigns like Google, you can integrate your, your a account that you can do anything with all marketing campaigns you can do. So mainly my work is like, you know, I, I work with clients who use marketing cloud, who with any issues with their campaign. So we will troubleshoot it, we will solve the issues for the client so that, you know, the client will be happy with their marketing campaign. So this is mostly we will be working on the email deliverability issues. And yeah, technical part of emails like you know how, how the email will land to their subscriber inbox, whether it is landing in a spam or a primary inbox, how to increase the open rate and how to make most of the emails land on, you know, primary inbox against spam. What are the best practices the client should you know, need to do. So all these things, we mostly interact with all the clients who are using marketing cloud. So this is my basic info.

Taapsi 3:27

OK? So for people who you know, are not familiar with or rather even just curious about what the life of a digital marketer looks like. What is your day to day like from the time you log into work? What are you spending most of your time doing? And from morning to evening, can you take me through some sense of what your day looks like?

Sai 3:46

Yeah, so digital marketing career is a combination of a normal marketer and the technical person like, you know, you so my day, you know, starting day to the ending. So I I work on, you know, all the scheduled tasks, content, content creation and see a content is

everywhere. Like, you know, if you wanted to create an email, if you write an email, there is a content involved, you need to frame an excellent email template. If you want to develop a website, then again, the content involvement, you know, excellent graphic. So

interacting with multiple teams, like, you know, graphic designing, team, content writing team and you know, technical team, like, you know, if you face any technical issues while you send an email or well, you know, for example, you have run an ad and you have came to my landing page and you, you are submitting form some form and you are unable to submit because of experience. We lost one of the leads and that is a technical team. So I, so as a digital marketer, we need to interact with multiple teams, like, you know, the technical people, content, people, email marketing and you know, and integration. 

So like, you know, and digital marketing need a lot of integrations, like you need to integrate your marketing tool, you know, with your CRM or you need to import your data to, to your home. And also if you wanted to put push some push notifications through whatsapp or any other messenger, you need to connect that API you know, to your CRM and a lot of configurations. So if something got messed up and you know, a lot of issues, you will face a lot of issues. So our day to day life will be like, you know, handling content, you know, verifying the content and you know, checking the technical technicalities of the marketing campaigns. Like it's like a combination of a software engineer and and the sales guy, it's a combination.

Taapsi 5:48

So, so, OK, so what are you spending most of your day on? So you log in in the morning? Do you work from home or do you work from an office? So it's a hybrid, hybrid model, hybrid? Fine. So let's say you're you know, whether you're home or office

from the time you log in. Do you have, do you start with, where do you start? Like, do you have some browsers that you always have open? Are you always checking something at the beginning or is it an open field? And every day is different? What does it look like?

Sai 6:16

So, actually, you know, I open plenty of browsers and I close, I, I

don't even, you know, switch off my laptop. I'll just lock it. And again, when I open it, like I find, I found like all the old browsers and again, I know I'll recheck my browsers and close whatever, which is not necessary for the for the day and, you know, I'll, I'll continue with, you know, the browsers that I opened yesterday. Yeah, so the, the morning, like when I log in, I'll start with some, you know, check, checking my, yesterday's things, what I have done yesterday. What are the pending things that I have missed yesterday? So that I, I should do it today. And yeah, with calls with managers and clients. So, so most of the time, like if, if I take 100% of my eight hours of office time as a digital marketer, 20% of the time will be on most of the time on calls. 20% of the time interacting with my teammates and managers, you know, and senior leadership. And, and other other 60% of the time can be dedicated on the work, you know, the daily tasks. So this is, this is the way we, you know, segregate our work.

Taapsi 7:30

And what is, what are some of the software platforms?Of course, you work in sales force. I understand that. But outside of the actual work, what are some other tools or software or platforms or solutions that you are using on a regular basis, you know, like whether it's a communication platform or whether it's a productivity platform, what are some other things that you're using?

Sai 7:53

So for productivity, I don't use much tools, productivity for communication thing. I like automation. So I wanted to. So if I'm doing any work, so after a few days I get bored of doing that work. So I want it automated. So the first thing I would, like after, you know, after my office hours I'll do, you know, I'll, I'll be more active on linkedin. So, so network myself, like, you know, I'll, I'll, I'll increase my network. So it's, you know, you you know, opening every profile, filtering them, reaching out them, you know, it's, it's a big task. So I use Octopus CRM. So where I can automate like, you know, I can search in a Linkedin like you know, digital markets. So I'll get some data, some, you know, profiles, I can scrape the profiles. And what I can do is I can send a customized message, you know, and send this request for 25 people or 30 people, you know, how, whatever the count. But there is a limit like there is a limitation for one week around. You can send 120 to 150 request on Linkedin. So I'll send, you know, per day, I'll send 20 to 25 requests manually. Not manually. I'll automate the, the message, I'll just select one message and I'll automate it so that within 10 minutes, 25 request will be, you know, sent with a personalized message. And what I can do is I'll create 100 profiles. And what I can do is I'll create an automation where my 100 profiles will be visited by my profile. Like whenever someone visits your profile, you will get a notification that this guy has visited your profile, right? So in order to visit 100 profiles, it takes a lot of time so I can do it in 10 minutes using these tools.

Taapsi 9:39

OK. So, so that is something let's say that you, that is part of your day to day is part of it. Is building your own brand, your own visibility on Linkedin. And for that, you're using some automated tools. What is the name? Did you mention the name of this?

Sai 9:51

The name of the tool is Octopus CRM.

Taapsi 9:55

Octopus CRM. OK. Fine. So you use that interesting other than that anything else that is similar to octopus that you rely on on a daily or weekly basis for things?

Sai 10:06

So yeah, other than like other thing is like the most buzz word nowadays is ChatGPT. So I use ChatGPT and other than ChatGPT, I use a lot of tool like one tool like a Nymblr which like Nymblr. OK. I, I'll, I'll, I'll spell that like nymblr. OK. So what does it like, what does it do? It's a data data scraping tool. So for example, like, linkedin is one platform, the other platform like see digital, the life of digital market is you, you, you don't only work in office so you wanted to. So most of their mindset will be you, you don't, you don't stop working in office. You wanted to build something for you, something in order to create brand. Like, you know, some people do blogging, some people do, some people create videos, some people post blog. So I I personally I write newsletters in linkedin. So my newsletter name is ChatGPT Pioneers where I I post blogs on how to use ChatGPT you know, as a marketer. So in the technical, in the technical part, in the content part, everything, how to integrate it, how to you know, integrate it with the day to day marketing life, like, you know, for the, for the email campaign, for the ad campaign for the website development for the you know, social media campaigns for everything. So how to use ChatGPT in such campaigns. So I just you know, I published around 70 -75 blogs in my newsletter. So so the, the other surprising thing is I didn't even write one word on my own. Everything was written by ChatGPT.

Taapsi 12:04

That is, so it's so meta because you're writing a newsletter on how to use ChatGPT to write newsletters written by ChatGPT. So that's that's fantastic. OK. All right. So it seems like ChatGPT, Nymblr, Octopus. These are things that you're using to work,

you know, to be the professional, you know, digital marketer that you are, but also for your own brand building, right? So both it seems go hand in hand because you're also working, but you're also simultaneously putting yourself out there as a, a thought leader or at least that's the objective is to be, be someone, someone can look up to for resources around how to be a, be a better marketer, right?

Sai 12:54

So yeah, other, other than these tools like you know, I also I'm nowadays, I'm using more AI tools. Like there is one tool called D-ID AI where like you know, the thing is I, I wanted to make videos on Instagram. I want to make reels. But the thing is time and location like which, which, which will not support. So what I can do, what I can do with the D-ID AI is like, I can just record an audio of mine and I can create an author of, of mine, like with my photo so that it will create a video like you know, it will talk whatever the audio I done. So I'm, I'm going to, I'm getting one rail within, within 5 to 10 minutes. I can create a one rail 30 seconds I can post in, post it in the linkedin. So recently I've started this. So, yeah, that's fantastic.

Taapsi 13:48

So you're also spending a lot of time, I think just doing research, like learning, what are the latest tools out there for automation for AI integrations for, for new ways of doing something faster, right. OK. All right. So, as a digital marketer, you know, you've now been doing this for over four years, what is the most rewarding part of the work that you do in your mind?

Sai 14:16

So, I, I feel like every day is a reward, like every day is, you know, we learn new things. So the day when you learn new thing that I feel it's a reward, you know, I got to know something new.

Taapsi 14:31

OK. So lots of self learning and I guess that's what you mean, right? The reward is you're just constantly on top of things, you're learning everything every day. OK. So then, then, you know, on the flip side, is there anything that you find challenging or you don't enjoy doing as part of your profile as a digital marketer?

Sai 14:50

Yeah, the challenge is I'm not that technical guy like, you know, and, and sometimes I should be more technical in my job, but I'm, I'm not that technical. You know, I wanted to automate these things like where I need to do it manually. So that where I feel very challenging, like, you know, I, I'm, I'm not, you know, that technical, like I'm, I'm a bit technical, I'm a marketer. So when, when it comes to some technicalities, understand some technical things. So it, it's a, it's a big challenge for me. But now, fortunately ChatGPT has replaced that like, you know, you, you don't, you don't need to be challenged technically, like, you know, whatever whatever you're facing, technical challenges that can be solved using AI and ChatGPT. 

Taapsi 15:38

Got it. Got it. OK. So, you know, this is a good segue. Let's talk about that. So can you give me an example? I'm particularly interested in how ChatGPT can help you work around the challenge of not being technically savvy or or strong. How does it do that for you?

Sai 15:57

OK. Yeah. So yeah, for example, like I have a data. So I want to analyze the data. So when I want to analyze the data, when I want to you know, I understand the data, what, what you know, what are the insights that I can get? I need, I need to use some visualizing tools like Tableau Power B I or even sometimes Powerpoint Excel, you know, so what I can do is I can just dump this data set in ChatGPT and I can ask, you know, I can ask whatever the questions to the data set and it will do the insights. I can it's better, I can show you on the screen.

Taapsi 16:37

Yes, please. That would be great.

Sai 16:39

Yeah. So are you able to see me? Yes. So, OK. So this is my charge dashboard and you can see, I use AIPRM. AIPRM is AI parameter plugin you. You don't need to write a prompt. So it has around 4000 prompts. So whatever whatever domain you wanted to, you know, get results, you just need to search like for example, I wanted to write an hard copy. So I want to, I can add copy for Google ads, so I can click on Google ads. So you can see here, I'm getting there, you know Google ad, key headlines and get there. So when I click on something like this, so a prompt will be generated. OK? And you can. So for example, I have a small description about one brand, I'll just copy, paste it. So right there deadline for the span. So you don't need to do much like, you know, you don't need a prompt engineer you know, in order to write an excellent prompt. So it will give a headlines descriptions for, for an ad for Google apps specifically because there will be some difference in for different ad networks like Google ad have limitations regarding the words like 120 words, 60 words interruption and we were discussing about that data thing, right?

Taapsi 18:32

Yeah. OK. So this is different because otherwise in no, in the normal ChatGPT you would say write, you know, give me five examples of Google ad headlines for this brand. Now, how is this different from that? Just walk me through that again. Why is this different? Why can't you type that prompt in regular chat GPT?

Sai 18:51

OK. So yeah, in order to write, you know, so so, so I, I can, I can write a simple prompt, like write a ad copy for this particular ad. It will give a simple you know, normal ad ad copy. And again, you need to give one more prompt asking, asking ChatGPT to improve it. So it's a

pattern like you need to reach out ChatGPT to three to four times. So here in this prompts, I, in, in this prompts, I think like, you know, you have a lot of prompts specifically for that particular task. So you don't need to, you know, come back again, you know, again, improvise your results. It's, it's a one time go like, you know, click a prompt.

Taapsi 19:40

Are you saying it's a one time thing? Because it has, it's already sitting on learning of other people asking it prompts in that context rather than it learning from your context and your four prompts were asking you to update and revise it. It's always

sitting on some of that history.

Sai 19:55

Yes. Yes.

Taapsi 19:58

OK. OK. So this is what you use AIPRM Yes. Right. OK. So this is your, your go to if you had to write something, this is what you do. So now we were talking about analytics saying what you would do is pick a dump a data set.

Sai 20:14

Yeah. Yeah. Good. So like ChatGPT is having a new feature called code interpreter. Hm So in GPT-4, we have actually we have four features, default code and plugins and browser. Now because of some privacy issues ChatGPT was disabled browser option for now. Yeah, code interpreter, code interpreter helps us to dump any type of data. Like whether you wanted to dump PDF and ask questions, you know, regarding the PDF or any Excel sheet or word document, anything you can just upload it and give it to the ChatGPT. So and ask questions regarding that particular document. So here so what I can do is I have, I have a small marketing campaign data set. I'm just opening that. So I'm just dumping that. So slowly. Yeah. Meanwhile I can, yeah, meanwhile I can write a prompt. So before writing a prompt, we just need to check what you know what, what this data contains. So, so this is the data that I have just downloaded from Kaggle. Kaggle is a platform where you can find open source data

sets, like whatever the data you want, you can just download it from Kaggle. OK? So there are some companies campaign where they have multiple channels like for example, channels used, you know what different channels used for this marketing campaigns and what what campaign types and everything. So I wanted to analyze you know, which campaign performed well or which campaign type performed well? Which channel performed well? What is the

conversion rate? What the impressions, what is the clicks like, you know, analyzing this, this type of data consumes a lot of time, a lot of, you know, excel stuff, you need to, you know, have knowledge on it. So now we have now we have dump this data in GPT OK. So we will. So first of all, I, I'll, I'll start with the basics. So yeah, first of all, what I will ask is, what are the channels best performing channels used? Hm Can you help me with the visualization? OK. So I have given this form to ChatGPT and it will analyze this data. It takes a couple of minutes.

Taapsi 23:16

This is brand new for me. I cannot believe I did not know that you could do this, we can do this and this is all accessible to you through the paid version or is AIPRM?

Sai 23:29

It's a paid version. So yeah, yeah, yeah. So in the paid version, you need to go to the settings and enable this code code interpreter feature. Got it. So it will summarize, you know, it will summarize everything. OK? Just add a sorry about this. So yeah, now you can see the bar chart of email, Facebook, Google apps, Instagram, different channels, you know, different marketing channels, what you know what data we have in that associate, we got to get into a

visualization. So we don't, you don't need to work on complex tools like Tableau or BI. So just with one simple prompt, you'll get this data.

Taapsi 24:39

That is amazing. OK. So how often do you use the analytics part of what ChatGPT can do for you?

Sai 24:49

I didn't get your question. Can you please be I said, how, how often are you relying on ChatGPT for analytics purposes versus content? Yeah, most of the time I, I depend on content and you know, like it's, it's like 60-40 60% of my usage of GPT is on content and 40% is on

analytics like, you know, framing emails. Like I, I write a rough female and I just co copy, copy the rough email and add a prompt, like, you know, add some emotion, add some, you know, apology or empathy and I'll, I'll add few few emotions. So it will add some emotions to

that frame. And instead of adding that manually in AIPRM you will have this if you can see tone. So we have a different types of tones we see as sarcastic. So what type of tone your content should have? You can add this or writing style if you wanted to write it in a poetical way, narrative ways, no technical way, you know, academic, analytical way, creative way. So these are some you know, emotions features, you want to, you can add this and the content will be

written in with that emotion.

Taapsi 26:05

Got it. So can you Sai, can you give me an actual example of how you might use tone and writings whatever is relevant to you? Right? What did you most recently do that? You can give us an example of?

Sai 26:18

OK. OK. So yeah, I, I can, I can give a poetic way like, you know, the content in a poetic way and you did you do that for something? Yes, yes, I use it like, you know, not, not poetic way but so like poetic way. I'm trying I,I, I didn't post it anything regarding this poetic way. I'm just trying it because it seems like an interesting thing like, you know,

Taapsi 26:45

No, I actually want something that you have actually used in your work? What is, what are you likely to use? How are you likely to use?

Sai 26:56

So, yeah, II, I usually, you know, write content in a warm way. And and sometimes technical or journalistic way. OK. So I'll, I'll give a prompt like the, I do blog. First I don't directly jump into a blog first, write a blog title on. OK. What do you for this topic? So give me, give me any type of topic you want.

Taapsi 27:37

I want you to tell me what's an example of a topic that you would use as a marketer.

Sai 27:42

OK, cool. Yeah. So how, yeah. So this is my topic. Fine. So it, it has given me one topic. So I, I'm not satisfied with this. So I, I'll be going to ask like, you know, for more of advance. No. So because I, I give you, so I choose one of these again. What I'll do is like, I'll test it and yes, so I'll not generate a sub heading for this topic. OK. Yeah, these are the sub headings and if I want, you know, so the same for the same prompt, I'll show you. So here I have written this prompt in warm and journalistic way. What I can do is I can give it as a, you know, some serious way and technical. So if you see the difference. So when it is wrong, understanding the AI revolution, a brief overview when it is serious and technical unpacking the AI phenomenon overview of influence on digital marketing. And you know, so you'll understand it better when you, when you write the content. So I'll just take this part, I just copy, paste it. I don't, I don't give much input for the basic thing. So now we get selected as serious and technical. Yeah. So it will write a content and the same thing we'll after this, we'll generate in a different tone and we'll see the difference. So why, why I use such things? Because you know, at end of the day ChatGPT is an AI bot. So it should, it should not sounds like a boat written content. So it should sound, it should sound like a human written content. So whenever, whenever someone read this my content, they don't, you know, they should not get that like, you know, this guy is using some AI bots to generate content. It should be like a human written content. So that is the reason you know, I add such emotion, such tones and such writing styles.

Taapsi 30:58

So if you see as a digital marketer, Sai, as a digital marketer, are there some, do you always, let's say for example, prompt ChatGPT with words like write an SEO friendly title? Like do you use SEO friendly often in your prompt because that's not something I've used or thought about using. I thought I had to be mindful of those SEO keywords and then put that into ChatGPT and say include keywords like blah, blah, blah. But are you saying that you can skip that step straight away by just saying, produce a title that is SEO friendly and it will understand it.

Sai 31:32

See if it is, if you mentioned it as an issue of friendly title, it's a broad way of, you know, giving prompt to the ChatGPT when you for particular keywords, like, you know, you wanted to highlight this particular keyword in this particular blog. So it's better to mention

that particular keyword.

Taapsi 31:51

Yeah, the more targeted you can be, it's the better we OK? So we have this, we have a sense of different tones and writing styles. So what I'm basically getting here is yes, you can use it to create content. You can use the paid version to tweak the the, you know, the, the voice, the tone of the content so that it sounds more human like, right?

Sai 32:15

And yeah, sorry for interruption. Yeah. Regarding this writing also, you can copy someone like, you know, in, in the digital marketing field. I, I usually admire, usually follow Neil Patel. So he's, he you might be knowing him or you know, he's, he's very famous digital marketer. So what, what I will do is like, you know, I, I wanted to write a content in the way, what, how he writes like, no. Write in a way how Neil Patel writes. Interesting. OK. So it, so it will give you in such a way that like I cannot say it's 100% but somehow it matches the writing style of Neil Patel, and you can, even if you are writing, if you are planning to write something like not not a technical content. If you, if you plan to write something, you can you know, mention like, you know, you can write this content like Robin Sharma or any other author you, you know, you wanted to mention so that it will write in their style, use their vocabulary, use their writing style, use their sarcasm, everything that is, that is very neat.

Taapsi 33:35

I didn't know this is another cool thing that I learned with the prompts. OK. This is fantastic. So, let's stop the screen share for a second. I wanna kind of go back, step back a little bit and just ask you about ChatGPT and when you first learned about it. So do you remember, do you recall how and when you first came across ChatGPT?

Sai 33:59

Yeah, like, you know, December 2022 where, you know, Open AI launched this ChatGPT. So like everywhere there was a buzz like, you know, ChatGPT is going to replace it. It's a new air chat board, it's going to replace a lot of jobs and us mainly for marketers because it's making most of the markets life simple, like, you know, it's, it can replace content writers, it can replace you know, look, I, I started hearing all this news and before that also I was very passionate about AI, like before this charge, there are also tools like charge like write Sonic copy. I like there are tools where you can write content with the. So I I was curious like, you know how this tool is different you know, with, compared to that tools like I wa I was using thatsuch tools, you know, to write small blog posts and you know, and they were too expensive, like, you know, chat gpt premium is $20 and you can generate unlimited content with 50 prompts for th for three hours with the three hours times man, you can use 50 prompts. So it's it's better enough. And compared to other, other tools that they were very costly at that time. But after ChatGPT it, it you know, it brought a revolution regarding the content marketing and everyone started posting content frequently. Like, you know, if someone who are posting a blog, one blog a day or two blogs per week, they started posting 10 blogs per per week. So I, I usually follow a lot of this stuff in Twitter. So after seeing all this stuff, I, so I thought of starting, you know, this you know, I want to start exploring. So at that time, it was only ChatGPT 3.5 you know, ChatGBT four was not, you know, launched at that time. So I I use this tool to just frame my emails whenever, whenever I sending emails to my clients, I use, I started using this to frame my emails and you know, correct my sentences like just like grammar, I used to, you know, use the chat GPT for my basic things. Then slowly I I started learning about ChatGPT in, in workshops like I usually follow YOCCND, you might be hearing his name. he's a founder of Growth School. So attending his workshops regarding ChatGPT and a lot of youtube influence on Instagram reels started learning more about ChatGPT and AI and I started implementing it more anxiety system.

So after that, you cannot access data with ChatGPT. So whenever when Bing Microsoft has a deal with opening and they launched the B CHECK. So now you can do anything like, you know, you can scrape data from the latest articles, latest data and you know, you can, that's what I have done from the last you know, once like this

latest data, latest you know, marketing data I I take from I read from different blogs and I give that information to ChatGPT and also I can give the blogs URL so that it can read the, you know as, as it is a browser, browser browser which is active, it can read the URL. And

what are the content present in the particular URL. It will read it, it will analyze it and it will give you whatever you know, you, you need it. Like for example, I have read, I have read one blog, I just copy, pasted that URL into the ChatGPT and ask a few questions. So it will do you know what it will we expect the information in that blog and give the, you know, result, what regarding, you know, what question you have asked regarding to that blog, it will do that result. So it

made my life easier, you know, you, you don't need to read whole blog, you just need to copy, paste the particular URL and just wanted to just summarize it. You, you can able to summarize you, summarize it. So that's the first thing. And second thing is when plugins got you know, embedded in ChatGPT I think there are hundreds of plugins. Now in ChatGPT, you can do one of like you can you can even post a youtube video links and ask and ask it to summarize it. Give you the context, you know what like it's a 30 minutes video. It will give you the context, you know, summary, you know what, in the 30 minutes, what the youtube video has explained so that I can, you know, my productivity is increasing, like I'm learning a lot with less time. So this

is how, you know ChatGPT is transforming like and making my life easier as a professional digital marketer.

Taapsi 38:50

So is there any place or context where it doesn't work for you where you would not use it or you would be cautious about using it?

Sai 39:05

Like there is no such thing like you know, I'll be more cautious about using it because you can use this ChatGPT in every use case. Like, you know, there is no limitation, I feel like and the only limitation is some and this, you know, you cannot fix them, you cannot below that ChatGPT results. Like, you know, regarding the latest data, like after 2021 data, if you are depending totally on ChatGPT. So then it's a challenge like, you know, it's, you cannot depend on it.

Taapsi 39:38

OK? But other than that, you don't see there's no other, there's no other situation where you felt like, you know, II I should just do it on my own. Like I shouldn't rely on it, you know, to help me with anything.

Sai 39:56

Yeah, I regarding the content part, like I never thought like, I mostly depend on, like, you know, suppose if all of a sudden, if there is no ChatGPT tomorrow that blogs, you know, I will, you know, with ChatGPT, right?

Taapsi 40:13

OK. All right. So I, I mean, that is, you know, those are all the questions that I have for you. Is there anything that you wanna add, you know, on your, on your own? Something that we haven't talked about? You know, this would be the chance for an opportunity for you to do that.

Sai 40:33

You know, I like I wanted to perform a few ChatGPT tasks like that might be interesting. Like if you're OK with that, I can show you.

Taapsi 40:44

Yeah. Sure. OK. One second. Yes, you can, you can do the share screen.

Sai 40:53

Yeah, you just give it. So yeah, I, I was just talking about plugins, right? So I'll show you one plug in. So a summarize, summarize that. So I, I have enabled it and what I'm so I have a youtube URL, one youtube URL. So I'll show you the youtube video also. So it is only

works if that particular video is having the subtitles, all the data. So what I can do is like as I enabled the plug in, I have just copied the URL and mark this video. So it's, it's almost 30 minutes video. OK. So it will fetch the data and you know at what context at what time

what the like what in that video has given to you like everything. So who is the you know person who's speaking in the video, his name and what he has said at this time, what he said like you know, so this video, this video is about ChatGPT.

Taapsi 42:13

Yeah, I got it. I was just reading it. This is crazy. Not only John and Ryan, I think, but also what are they talking about? Like the different topic?

Sai 42:23

So it's totally, it's giving you a script. Yeah, so you can even you know, create a content from this content. I like, you know, you can create something from this again how and you know, post it like other like you can take this content as a reference and ask a few questions to the charge. And again, it will give some summary from this and you, you can use that summary in your newsletter again. So that's what I do like, you know, I'll take some context from some

videos because I cannot spend whole time on watching videos. So just I can summarize this video. I can take some context, I can give reference in that in my newsletter. Al although I can mention you know, I I took this data from this video, I can mention I can view that copyright, but still I have some content right to post it in my newsletter and I can post multiple views, like take a topic chat GPT how is impacting how it is impacting on advertising? Take, take a topic on this. So I can you can search on this. You will find a lot of videos and you can videos in a sense, multiple views. Like you know, one video, talk about their view and another video talk about the other person. You, you can take all these views I can so you can project so you know what that youtube videos are talking, you can just project that in your article in your, in your news. Got it. So this is where it's curating your content like, you know, so internet works in that way, like, you know, e everything you everything you wanted to read already there in Wikipedia, but still you are curating that in different articles, different websites projecting their own views. So in the same way you can project your own view on that ten different views. And again, if, if you can frame it content on that view, right? So it's creating content on a content.

Taapsi 44:27

Yeah. OK. OK. I get that. Ok. So let's, let's stop the screen share. Once again, this is, it seems like this world for you is, I mean, you really are you know, a very seasoned chat. GPT user, you're not just using it for simple prompts, you know, you're using the paid version and you're using all the functionalities that it has to, it has to offer, right? And it's been so refreshing to learn about very, very clever ways in which you can make even the prompting faster. It seems that's what you're doing right with the paid version is you're, you know, you're even eliminating the need to, to put the prompts and you just put in your tone of voice. And you know, and you know, the what is the other, the other example? But, and between the two of them, I guess a conversation style and between the two of them, you know, you have what you need. I really appreciate your time. So I, I know it's you know, as I mentioned, you know, it's the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday and here we are doing this at 3 p.m. I, I hope you have a really good weekend and I'm very, very happy that we had this call and that you could take us through how you are using it both for content, but also very interestingly for analytics. So that was fantastic. Thank you.

Sai 45:47

Yeah. Yeah. Thank you so much. Actually, I'm, I'm very thankful for you. Like, you know, you're inviting me as your guest and, you know, I really honored that I, I got this opportunity. So to you know, showcase my knowledge regarding ChatGPT and latest technology on AI. So I'm I'm glad to be here. So this, this one hour I, I like, I, I feel like this one hour was very useful to you and me as well.

Taapsi 46:17

Fantastic. Thanks so much. I appreciate it. I'm glad to have you.

Sai 46:21

Thank you. Oh, thank you. Bye. Yeah. Yeah, you too. Bye bye.

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